Our Story

For years I searched for a healthy cookie I could snack on. It had to be crunchy, tasty, nutritious and not-too-sweet. I tried every cookie, biscuit, granola and health bar I could get my hands on. Each one came up short.

I remember, while traveling through small towns as a child in my native Peru, experiencing the simple smell and delicious taste of the cookies local women carried in baskets and offered to tourists in the streets. Wrapped in tiny plastic bags tied with a knot, these delicately flavored treats were barely sweet while infused with the smell of wood-fired ovens and the freshly ground ingredients taste which gave them a special earthiness. They were unlike anything else I remember eating. Perhaps it was the freshness of ingredients and the hand ground flour that made them different. Those memories inspired TOATS.

Guided by my nose and taste buds, I experimented with my favorite foods. After some trial and error, we overcame the challenge of being wheat-gluten-free. We mixed, tried and tasted different ingredients until we finally got it right. The result, one amazing snack in a cookie form we call TOATS. We can say: TOATS is a smart cookie

Come inside and see our working hands!