People Say…

“I could snack on these all day”
— SJ Hoover

“I have been using TOATS as a “between meals” snack in conjunction with a new diet (no refined sugar, no garbage). I have lost 20lbs and am still counting. I am a convert.
— Craig, Waterford

“TOATS are the best cookies I have had”
She would not share them with her brothers, said her Mom.
— Cote, 11 years old

“With one bite my needs for both nutrition and indulgence were met”
— Dominick

“How can I not have them cuz they are so good”
— Eric, 7 years old

“I think of TOATS as my “guilt free” snack! Not only do I get a delicious snack, I am also getting a great source of Fiber”
— Linda, Hamilton

“As a busy professional, rarely do I have time for lunch. Instead of grabbing something that is unhealthy to snack on, I just grab a couple of TOATS and have a healthy snack and no guilt”
— Patty, Hamilton

“Thank you for the TOATS!  They are so good.  I’ve been eating them for lunch.  I think you are going to be wildly successful!!”
— Bucky

“Everybody can find something special in TOATS.  I like organic and wheat-gluten-free.  My Kids love tasty cookies.  My husband says “no China dependency is important”.
— Svetlana

“Now that’s yummy!”
— Lesli

“Your TOATS have made quite an impression on my six year old, Elaina. The cookies arrived in the mail this week and we snacked on a few. I was just asking her about school today, and she told me the letter of the day was “T”. I asked her if she thought of any “T” words for the class word list and she said, “TOATS”. She then explained the cookies to her class.”
Elaina’s Mom

“Delicious! I think I may have a new addiction!”
— Kat

“Great taste! So much more flavor and crunch than bars. I do not feel a need to grab water to wash it down! Great job!!!”
— Joan

“Fulfills sweet tooth and healthy too!! What’s not to love?”
— Daniel

“As a registered dietician, I appreciate the nutritional value and fabulous taste of this sensible snack. I would be proud to suggest Toats to my clients.”
— Lisa L

“I am surprised, a healthy cookie tastes this good!.”
— Hank

“I like your product…by far the best gluten and egg-free item I’ve tasted so far.”
—Juanita T